Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm Kayleigh. Nice to meet you!!

Alright. So this is blogger land? I guess I can work with this. I fully intended on sticking to my Myspace argument with mom. When Heather Signed up, I had no choice. So I guess if all else fails I can copy and paste between the 2!

Well not too much is happening right now. Mostly just waiting. Waiting to move. Waiting to have a baby. Waiting for brad to get settled in his job. Mostly I'm waiting to be a stay at home mom. Ever since the topic came up work seems like torture! I sit here next to my two foot window and dream of playing at the park with the kids. Or going out to lunch with the girls. ( Not quite sure who "the girls" are, but every stay at home mom does that right?) Guess I will just have to keep at this whole working thing for now. But I have faith that soon my day will come!