Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things that make me go MMMMMM LOL

I was tagged with the letter M! So after a little bit of thinking, here we go!

I love being a Mommy. I love my mommies. I love other mommies and mommy friends. I love mommy shows, mommy books, mommy stories. Anything mommy!

This one can go both ways. But when I have it, when I'm not worrying about it, and when I'm not working with it on a daily basis, I LOVE MONEY!
This what I used to call Heather when we were younger. Back in the day when I felt so much bigger than her. Where I felt I was always the big sister and always the leader. Now I know we take turns, somedays I need her to lead me and she always does standing TALL.

I absolutely love it when you hear a song that gets to the very deepest part of your heart. The song that describes your mood, day, or life perfectly. It's amazing. It can make you feel like you aren't alone because somebody else feels the same way.

I love that no matter how bad or sad or hard things get you can always have your happy memories. I like moms version "warm fuzzies".

The mommy super power. Another thing that makes us better than our men! Pretty freakin awesome if you ask me!

:) MEN (:
Honestly, I'd be lying if I didn't say it. I know you were all thinkin it!

No, no, no! Not THAT kinda man! (Not that I'm complaining) I mean this kind of man. . . .

The kind that will let loose and just have fun. The kind that play with the kids and just make you wanna smile until your face hurts.

The kind that work hard, play hard, laugh, cry, and support you through thick and thin. I love THOSE kinda men.

Make Believe

Because sometimes the most magical real life moments can happen when you are playing pretend.

My little nickname for caydance. It started as soon as she started moving and then never stopped! But I love her so so much!

Matthew Mcconaugheys Muscles LOL
Need I say more? MMMMM!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stop laughing!

Everyone thought I was jokin when I said that I needed somebody to spice up my blog for me. I'll have you know that I'm very technically challenged! LOL but I figured I would start giving it a try through baby steps.

I also decided I better hop on this get fit train before you all leave me behind in chubbytown! (By this I mean that I am in chubbytown! Not any of you! LOL Might have said that incorrectly the first time.) So look forward to those juicy details.

Now I have to go get ready to go back to work!! The only way I can get enough hours is to pick up split shifts! I would greatly appreciate it if Obama could kick up this economy boost a notch or two!