Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little world for little people

Yesterday was free entry day at the Discover Gateway childrens museum. So when work forced me to leave after 2 tiny hours I decided I would take the girls. Mom was worried about the crowds but it really wasn't so bad. My only complaint was that every little blonde haired, blue eyed girl was also wearing a green t-shirt!! LOL So this added a little paranoia but I survived and so did the girls.

Can I just say, this place was freakin awesome!! I remember going to the kids museum and it was fun but nothing like this. You start out in a beehive that teaches the kids to all work together to make fun things happe. They can out balls in all sorts of tubes and and machines and they zip around the room to land somewhere else. There are tons of cranks and gears and knobs and buttons that each have a different job.

Next is the kids eye view room. It's an entire world in their size! There was a construction site complete with blueprints and crane. A postal service that delivered to every location in the "city". A life size house, which was Caydance's favorite. She put away all the groceries she got ffrom the grocery store, washed the table and counter, and then cooked Athena and I some lunch. There is also a farm with chickens, a full size horse, and a garden with fresh fruits and vegitables. There was a little water world that showed the water cycle and a birds nest for kids under 3 to play in.

Upstairs Caydance got to "fly" a real LifeFlight helicopter. She was very excited to fly the helicopter her Papa D got to ride in. Then she spent a few minutes starring in a news cast before she headed to the craft room. Then we built a paper plane and tested it in a wind tunnel, built a robot out of some blocks, and headed home.

It was alot of fun and I highly recommend it for all the kids over 18 months. I'm putting up some pictures, they're a little fuzzy but super cute!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I knew it was coming.

SO since the day Caydance started talking (and then never stopped) I've been waiting for that moment when she says something politically incorrect at a volume heard by the entire establishment. Yesterday that moment finally came. Come along on this parenting journey with me.....

It was too cold for the park but I had told Caydance we would go. What to do? So I drive to the nearest play place at McD's at set her loose. This place was packed like big mac monday or something. There were a group of special needs kids there. Most of their disabilities were not obvious enough for her to notice. She got a little irritated when one girl wouldn't get off the slide but she just thought she was rude! LOL.

So anyway, she comes running up to me "Mommya!" because that's what she's calling me these days. "That boy scared me!" So I ask "which boy?" knowing that this was about to get educational. Now let me pause to describe this very sweet little boy to you. I don't know the name of his condition so I can only describe it. Be aware that all of this is being said with respect. He had a long jawline, larger head, and shorter arms with small fingers.

Now..... I found it interesting that she described him like this. "He has bad eyes." So many other obvious things she may have noticed but she went to the eyes. Kinda sweet. So I did my best describing why her friend looked different. The whole time I'm thinking of Reba "what do you say in a moment like this?"

Every baby is different when they come out of their mommies belly. That's why you, and Tukker, and Lily, and Jaxon all look different. Well when he came out of his mommy's belly he was a little bit sick so that's why he looks different. But he's just like you! See he likes to play on the slide and throw the basketball. He's just a nice friend like all the other kids.

She stuck with "He's sick." Who knows if that's the right way to go about this conversation? But I was satisfied. A 3 year old can only grasp so much you know?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Isn't it great. . . .

when you are feeling tired from staying up with a teething baby. And you feel absolutely miserable, and the only thing that will keep your eyes open during a long shift is a cup of coffee. So you head in and order with the best smile you can manage. And suddenly, the guy behind the counter says "You always look so happy and beautiful when you come i here. Could I take you to dinner tonight?" Man I'm awesome! That's a pick me up! The picture isn't that great but apparently I was workin it.