Friday, September 12, 2008

Fordham Friday Funny!

Todays funny Caydance story should make grandma very proud! Caydance was sitting on the computer pushing random buttons so her aunt emmalee asked "do you want to play paint?" Caydance replied "I want to go on your space Emmalee!" LOL I hope you get it! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My mini chicken and the one who thinks it can fly!

Athena (I spelled it right this time!) had her 2 month Dr. appointment. She is now a WHOPPIN 9 pounds and 3 ounces! She is 21 3/4 inches long and is managing to get through her first few months with an average sized head(unlike her genius sister). The Dr says that if her gas and poop problems arent clearing up I should try cutting dairy out of my diet. Hmmm..... that's ice cream, cheese, and milk. My best friend pointed out that I will be left with coke and the occasional vegetable!

Caydance has decided that she wants to be a stunt double when he grows up! While I was at Dr Brogli's office Caydance stood up on her mini stroller from santa and attempted to jump over her gate. Well she didn't quite make it over, her foot caught in the stroller, and she knocked the gate down landing on her face. I guess santa didn't take this situation into consideration before leaving the stroller under our tree. What was he thinking? LOL

Friday, September 5, 2008

I finally found the brake pedal!

One of these days, when I say I promise to keep you all better informed in blog land, I will honestly and truly live up to it! I finally found a little down time to write about this little adventure I am taking down the long winding road of life!

Our little family of 4 packed up all our baggage and moved into my in-laws basement. While I am aware that this is a common step for those married before their brain cells fully developed, it still leaves me a little on the down side. I am trying to stay positive and have found a few upsides to the situation. People here think my cooking is of the gods! That's a nice feeling. I also get a little help with juggling a toddler that is obsessed with touching everything in her range. Everyone always wants to hold babies so Athen pretty much has it made in the shade around these parts. We are beginning our financial makeover. No debt someday is a relaxing thought.

Caydance is growing up and moving faster than I will ever be able to adjust to. She can open her gate now..... the tall one! So corraling her isn't really an option anymore. The other day she decided she wanted some cheese, so she took out the block and took a big bite out of it! Insane! Her favorite words are "Oh pap!" (oh crap) and "what eeeeeverrrrrr" And today for the first time, when I told her she couldn't have ice cream until AFTER her nap, she replied "I hate you" Of course she followed it by "I didn't say it" Looks like I have a pre teen on my hands!

Athena is huge. Well not by any normal standards but her chicken legs have filled out to be of average thickness! And she is pooping every 6 days which is a big improvement for her! LOL She smiles ALOT. She has a few little dimples in her chin that I never noticed until the fat set in.

Brad is enjoying his new job. He's ranked at the top of his training class and pretty proud of it. We hit another little rough patch recently but we're doing that "work hard on your marriage" thing people are always talking about. I'm sure it will all be fine and we spend alot of time together in the process!

Fill you guys in more frequently. Promise!! LOL I miss you all. I swear I haven't seen you all in ages!