Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The universe is awry!

Until this morning I was a big believer in small moments of madness leading to big events. Unfortunately I was proven wrong by the universe, it's always a bummer when that happens. I'll start from the beginning....

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday.(The last one before the big induction next week!) They had scheduled me in the late afternoon which is nevergood for our single car situation. Rather than waking up earlier than the rooster to take Brad to work, I asked Mom for a ride. Mom is always to the rescue! So the time comes to leave for my appointment. I managed to bathe, brush, and dress and feed both Caydance and myself. I was on a roll!

Then Brad calls, with alot of excitement, to tell me he is off of work and can make it to the appointment. He really has missed going, he's the involved type. So I take Caydance out of moms car, we all give kisses, and we sit on the porch to wait for Brad.

We rush as fast as we legally can to the hospital and manage to make it only 5 minutes late. We run up the stairs (My run was quite waddly), burst through the door, and let the receptionist know we had an appt. That was when she informed us that our appt was at this time tomorrow. My pregnant brain had made me very upset. That was a whole lot of hoopla for nothing!!!

Then on the way home the car started acting funny. One little thing at a time was going crazy like the car had been posessed by an evil demon! After calling my dad (Parent number 2 to my rescue) we found out it was the alternator. Dad bought one for us, a VERY expensive gift, and Brad bravely told them to go on to their anniversary dinner and he would install it. What a hero!

Well somewhere around midnight Brad and his brother finally finished up. Did I mention it was a full moon? Well anyway, I lay upstairs waiting for the baby to come but not a single contraction. My theory was disproved. And now I sit here, before sun up, preparing myself for the real Dr appt. Wish me luck!


Trish said...

Oh my gosh!!!! You blogged!
Love you, love my baby(s).
I'm glad Athena is holding steady till I get a little more over this cold. What a good girl! :)

Heatherslife said...

:) lol I always get prooved wrong on that too. My life is a fiasco and I am always waiting for the big climatic event to happen that has been building just keeps building. lol