Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation in . . . . .paradise?

Ello there! Takin a gander at me page now are ya? LOL That was my best attempt at a brittish accent. Let me explain why I would even try!

I was at the Walgreens today waiting patiently for some doctor pharmacist communication and I ran into a person from my past. His name is Adam Bringhurst and he was my 5th grade "boyfriend" Ha ha. Those were the days! Anyway. . . . we were catching up on marriages, divorces, and babies when Caydance tried to climb her way out of the back of the shopping cart. (I don't know if you have been informed of her hobby as a daredevil and stunt double?) I picked her up and held her (35 pounds just doesn't sit as easily on the hip as the little ones!!!) Adam said "You look JUST like your mommy you know that?" We get this alot, alot, alot.

I hear that she acts the same, looks the same, even has the same mood swings! Ha ha!! But today for the first time in a while both of the girls got a HUGE "JUST LIKE YOUR DADDY!!"

Both girls had a cough and runny nose for a while so I decided I would take them to the Dr. I expected a little cold, or a sinus infection maybe. Boy was I wrong. . . . . . *sigh*

Caydance has . . . . . . DRUMROLL PLEASE. . . . . . an ear infection, an infection in her throat, and allergies. (I've never had allergies you see. Not the seasonal king=d with the sniffling and sneezing and those big red puffy eyes. But Daddy Brad has them like crazy.)

Now for the shining star of the day Athena has. . . . . . A small sinus infection, allergies(see above), Empintigo(not sure about the spelling on that but it's these big nasty boils on her skin, which it turns out is genetic to be susceptible and guess who else had it!?!?!?!?!) And to top it all off ASTHMA!!!! She has this sad little breathing machine called a nebulizer that she has to use 3 times per day.

Man. Gotta love those inherited traits LOL! Wish me luck.


Trish said...

Yeah, you never got crazy sick like that. Unless you count the time you almost passed out in the bathtub when you were two. You'd have drowned if I hadn't been sitting right there to see it happen. Or when you had cellulitis on your FACE which threatened to become encephalitis in your BRAIN.
It's all Brad.
Love you guys! Kiss my babies and tell them I hope they get better fast.

Amber said...

How crazy. Good luck sis! Love you!

Me, Christy said...

Well you've got your work cut out for you keeping up with breathing treatments and sick babies...

It's too bad we can't pick and choose the traits we pass on to our little ones,.. but I couldn't ask for better grandbabies!!!

Make SUPER SURE you are INSURED all the time! Asthma can be pretty expensive, and allergies too for that matter...

Give my G-Babies kisses for me.

Mommy Kayleigh said...

Mom, if my kids were passing out in the bathtub or had disgusting infections threatening their brain than I would gladly take the blame. This time I get to pass the blame :)

Fivasophy said...

Took you long enough to post something new! Even if it is sad. Though it's good to know Bringhurst is still alive. Love that kid.

Me, Christy said...

Where you at??? I hear you have internet now so I'll be watching! Miss and love you!

Trish said...

What's up with your blog anyway? It seems lonely and neglected.