Friday, January 30, 2009

The friday morning infomercial!

So ladies and gents, I have a question for you. Has your Step mom ever given you a garlic press that you love dearly but when it came time to wash the fabulous invention you were stumped? Well not any more! I give you the gaaaaaaaalic be gone!(Shoot a picture of a toothbrush) With this handy dandy invention you can get your garlic press to SPARKLE even without the luxury of a dish washing apparatus! (That was for you christy!)

In other news. . . . I discovered yesterday that I have a possible future in the food critic industry. (Don't be jealous mom) I had a coke, same as everyday, but this coke was special. It tasted like a load of brown sugar! When I told our family Coke aficionado (Better known as grandmamom) she rushed right over, traded me cokes, and ran to her lab. After messing with her Benson burners and schematics she reported that my coke had 1/100 th of a drop too much syrup.(Fractions could be slightly off.) Apparently I have very sensitive tastes!

And now for the best news of all! I heard on the radio last night, much to my excitement, that MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are coming in concert TOGETHER! Grab your hammer pants people! It's time to throw it down old school!

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Christy said...

You do NOT know MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice!!!
Too damn cool. You I mean.