Sunday, November 30, 2008

The highs and lows of Turkey day

Can I just start by saying how much I love Thanksgiving? How fantastic that we are encouraged to eat so many delicious things in one day!

Well the festivities started at Dad and Christy's house. I would have to say my favorite dish is a tie between the whiskey carrots and the raspberry almond cake. Mmmm. It was fun seeing everybody I really like just sitting and talking with my dad. He could be talking about work and machines going down and management techniques and it totally fascinates me! I love it!

Thursday was a little sad for me. It was my first holiday experience without my little babies. I did however make some fantastic french toast for caydance that morning. Then I got the girls all dressed up pretty to go out with their daddy.

Richard went to visit his family in montana for the feast but sent me beautiful pictures along the way.

Moms dinner was also delicious. I would have to say my favorite was the cranberry maple sweet potatoes. And thats a huge step from dispising the orange root! I did get to spend alot more time with my baby sister Kenzie who is totally not a baby anymore.

Last night I decided to make my very own Thanksgiving dinner for the first time so I could share it with the girls and Richard. I made stuffed mushrooms(which look more like baked potatoes in the pic.) Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheddar garlic biscuits, and cranberry sauce! Grandma B treated us to pineapple upside down cake as a thank you for sharing.

I'm thankful for a lot this year. For the girls be super cute and healthy. For lots of friends and family. And for my realization of self reliance. It's been a much better year than I could've imagined. I however am not grateful that nobody ever comments! Is anybody even reading these things?


Christy said...

I totally thought those were baked potatoes! Yummm!
LOVE the pics! My pretty girls and G-babies... I can't get enough.
Congrats on such a fab first thanksgiving dinner!

Trish said...

Yep...looked like baked potatoes to me too. LOL
They sure look good either way.

And, yes, I'm reading these things.
Love you!

Amy said...

I have been reading your updates. Like I told Christy I am like a spy. I drop in and read and leave. She told me that I had to start leaving comments instead of calling her and telling her what I thought. It sounds like she better stop being a spy on your blog.
I really enjoy hearing how you are doing!!

Christy said...

You could stand to do a little more commenting yourself, Missy!
All my love!