Thursday, November 27, 2008

My internal clock needs batteries.

I started training at the USPS REC on Monday. It's pretty sweet so far. I know a few people who work there already. I'm making a few new friends. I'm surprised to see how stressful sitting all day can be on your body. My back is screaming for some Advil and a heating pad as we speak.

So my training schedule, for the first 2 weeks, is 6 PM to midnight. I thought that sounded pretty awesome. There were a few things I didn't consider. For example I realized that since I was pregnant with Athena there have been few nights that I stayed up past 10. So when I reach that mark I still have 2 hours to go. Then I have the wait in the car while it thaws, the drive home, the inevitable wind-down period, and I finally fall asleep somewhere around 230. Then I wake up at 630 to get the girls. To top the whole thing off nicely they have been fighting a massive cold.

So I'm going on my 4th night of practically no sleep. It's obviously taking it's toll. I'm an emotional wreck!(LOL MORE than usual I mean) And it's like I have no control. My body needs a hard reset. Where's the sleeping sand when you need it?

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