Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm about to get busy!

I am so excited! I start my new job at the SLC REC Post office warehouse on Saturday. I will be happy to be making more money to pay off my debts and start saving or the fabulous things I want in my future. I also like the feeling of knowing that I am providing for me and my girls. It makes me proud.

Brad decided it would be best for us to be only coparenting business partners for now. So we don't really talk and don't see eachother. It makes me a little sad but I am already seeing an improvement. I think it will make life easier in the long rn and maybe make for a better friendship down the line.

Caydance has become mommys superhelper. She is constntly rinsing dishes, throwing out diapers, or shaking baby bottles. She has suddenly become much more playful and interactive with Athena. Her recent obsession is putting up the Christmas tree which I told her we wouldn't to until Thanksgiving and have to remind her of everyday.

Athena has decided to start talking like crazy!! Well I guess it's nore cooing and gurgling than anything else. She's much more alert and is growing into her own little personality. A smile is almost always on her adorable little face.

I have been so so lucky to get not one, but TWO getaways in December! On the 6th I am going with a group of friends to stay in a condo in Park City to celebrate our friend Fivas turning 23. (Many thanks to Heather or providing daycare.) The weekend of the 13th Richard and I are going to Wendover for drinks food and fun! I am quite excited!

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